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    One Night Love affair


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    One Night Love affair Empty One Night Love affair

    Message par nassim le Lun 20 Nov 2006 - 14:31

    j'écoutes beaucoup cette chanson ces derniers temps amour

    One Night Love affair 160X_cp_bryan_adams_060402

    One Night Love Affair

    You're the silent type
    And you caught my eye
    But I never thought that I'd be touchin' you
    How was I to know
    I'd let my feelin's go
    And that I'd be yours before the night was through


    One night love affair
    Tryin' to make like we don't care
    We were both reachin' out for somethin'
    One night love affair
    Pretendin' it ain't there
    Oh - and now we're left with nothin'

    When the mornin' breaks
    We go our separate ways
    If the night was made for love it ain't for keeps
    But I lose control
    As I watch you go
    All my senses say I'm in this much too deep
    Now you're outta reach




    "when -you love someone, you'll do anything, you'll do all the crazy things that you can explain"

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    Message par Invité le Mar 21 Nov 2006 - 17:25

    ouais je l'aime bien aussi XD
    mini rockeur

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    Message par Lizzy le Jeu 12 Juil 2007 - 23:22

    J'aime cette chanson dans " Live!Live!Live!" One Night Love affair Yahoo6dy vraiment intense!!!! chant coeur

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